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My Medical - Keep track of all of your personal medical information.

Keep track of all of your personal medical information in one convenient place. My Medical provides a thorough, organized database that is yours to control and change. You can store a variety of information such as your medications, allergies, immunizations, surgeries, etc.

Why Use It?

My Medical is indispensable when:

Never again forget the contact information for your doctors or insurance provider. My Medical can store all of your emergency contacts, physicians and your health insurance information.

Use this app not just for yourself but for as many people as you want; you can have your kids, grandma or grandpa's medical history at your fingertips. My Medical is also useful for physicians who wish to track information about their patients.

Privacy Notice

My Medical is independent of medical centers and government. My Medical does not connect to the Internet or store any information elsewhere than your device. For extra security, you can set a password in order to view the information stored on the app.

My Medical information is as accurate as the data entered by the user. The developer of this app cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information, treatments, outcome of health care or transfer of medical information to health care providers.

(abra)KADABRA! Magically add effects to your favorite photos with the touch of a finger.

Kadabra takes Color Splash to a whole new level with additional effects and functionality. Why spend money on one simple effect, when you can get 10 exciting effects for the same price! Using your finger as a brush, you'll instantly add life to your photos with effects like:

**** Check us out on YouTube ****

Kadabra surpasses other photo effect apps with functionality like:

You'll love the additional effects coming soon. Do you have photo effect suggestions? Send them our way!

We're excited about the release of Kadabra and hope you enjoy the effects and functionality. We'd love to hear from you! Send us your comments, critiques and suggestions!

Fab Facelift - Put other people's facial features on your own face!

Fab Facelift is FREE for a limited time!

Pick from a variety of features. The list is growing every day. If you want to see images not in the palette just write the write me asking to include them in the next version.

Here's how it works:

Then admire how good (or bad) the results are. You can put as many features as you want, wherever you want. Mix and match people's faces to your heart's content. Create funny compositions of family and friends. You have to try it to see how fun it is.

When your masterpiece is finished, you can save it to your photo album.

Faces offered are of men and women and a mix of ethnicities and complexions so they'll match everyone in your photos.

This app works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. (keep in mind the iPod Touch has no camera so you won't be able to take pictures with it.)

Black Box - A unique, hands-free audio recorder for the iPhone

Black Box is 50% off for a limited time! Only ¢99 (£0.59)!

There are no buttons to start and stop recording. Simply speak and Black Box will listen. From the moment Black Box starts it monitors the airwaves for sound, and when it hears something it will be sure to record it. No intervention is required. It's that simple. Black Box even listens with the screen switched off.

There are countless uses:

Black Box listens to sounds in general, not just speech. Recording is triggered based on loudness. The degree of loudness, as well as other parameters, are fully customizable in Black Box's settings.

Black Box includes a file transfer feature so you can transfer your recordings from iPhone/iPod Touch to any computer (Windows or Mac) over WiFi.

Learn Spanish with Dominican Spanish Word of the Day

Dominican Spanish Word of the Day is a word-a-day language learning app for the colorful dialect of Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic!

This app isn't your typical word-a-day app. Every word is presented alongside a thorough English definition, plus a sound recording of that word spoken by a native speaker. Many words give etymology and an example in a sentence with the translation. You can always revisit words from past days too, so you won't forget them.

If you're tired of easy or uninteresting words of the day, this app is for you. Dominican Spanish Word of the Day provides useful, every-day, real-life words that are probably passed over in school but are actually used very frequently.

It's perfect for Spanish learners who have or want to gain advanced knowledge of Spanish, and want to be able to converse in everyday colloquial language. This app is also great for fluent and even native speakers who want to refresh and expand vocabulary and learn more.

The app is geared towards words used among Dominicans, but it is also applicable for Puerto Rico and anywhere that has large Caribbean Spanish-speaking populations, like New York City.

The large variety of words cover all different aspects of Dominican vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation, music, dance, food, culture, and history!

Learn Spanish and something new about the DR every day you use this app, guaranteed!

Darkroom - Practical, professional, mobile image processing

Darkroom is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to do precise image editing. Don't limit your creativity to contrived effects. Instead, control the look of pictures with comprehensive adjustments that let you change brightness and contrast, color levels, hue, saturation, and more. Adjustments are applied in real time so you can see exactly how your pictures look as you modify them.

Cropping pictures is as easy as tugging on their edges. Interactively distort images with multi-touch gestures to do transformations like rotating, rescaling, squeezing and stretching.

Choose pictures from your photo albums to get started editing. Or, take a photograph directly from Darkroom (iPhone only). You can use Darkroom as an alternative to the built-in camera application. Saving creates a copy of existing pictures so you don't overwrite your files.


Earthbook - A world encyclopedia at your fingertips

Earthbook is an complete world reference book for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides exhaustive information on nations' geography, demographics, government, economy, infrastructure, and more.

Browse through every country in the world in the style of the CIA World Factbook. Plus, Earthbook is the only world factbook application with information on:

Browse Earthbook by nation or by rankings. Rankings exist for more than 80 different statistics, from Land Area to Literacy to Life Expectancy. Just touch any statistic for a nation to see where it ranks among other nations.

All information presented in Earthbook is compiled from official sources, including the CIA and IMF. Non-current figures are dated with the census or fiscal year. Data that are offical estimations or that are not easily rankable are thoroughly annotated to be as accurate as possible. Changing figures will be updated in future versions.

Earthbook is stored locally, meaning an internet connection is not required. The size is only 1.1 MB so it will not occupy large amounts of space on your device.

Screenshot Plus - Take screen captures quickly and easily

Screenshot Plus can take full screen captures, grab portions of the screen, and even capture windows, desktop icons, and other widgets. Captures may be saved to the clipboard or to the hard drive, or they may be exported to any application directly from the widget.

Screenshot Plus, by default, displays a preview of captures taken. For a truly streamlined workflow, it also offers the option to save or import immediately after capturing; in literally one-click, anything on the screen can be ready for editing or stocked away in your iPhoto album.

Captures may be saved in the formats: jpg, png, tif, gif and pdf. The following languages are supported: English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Japanese.

Run a screensaver as your desktop with Desksaver Plus!

A neat widget that allows screensavers to be run right on your desktop. Select from any screensaver on your computer including Apple's built-in RSS feeds, iTunes album artwork, and any screensavers you've downloaded.

Desksaver quietly runs screensavers in your desktop background and will not clash with other programs that are open. Just in case, a CPU usage indicator shows how much power the screensaver is using.

Countdown Plus - A live countdown widget for Dashboard

Count down to a date and event of your choosing. Countdowns can be set either to the day (with a daily refresh) or to the second (a live count down whenever Dashboard is open.)

Countdown Plus can also count "up" - if the date is set to before the present. Set the date anywhere from 12:00 AM, 1/1/1900 to 11:59:59 PM, 12/31/2100.

Countdown Plus has several colorful styles and an appearance that fits in with the standard widget set built into Dashboard. It is small, unobtrusive and has a user-friendly set of options on the preferences panel on the back the widget.

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